Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Over the almost five years of writing the blog, I've mentioned my love of the nightly fireworks show at Epcot, IllumiNations, Reflections of Earth. Of all the pictures I have of WDW vacations, I easily have more of this one show than anything else in the Disney parks or resorts.

I know the soundtrack intimately, thanks to a coworker handing me a tape of it not long after I started working at the stores. She told me that it was her treadmill tape of her absolute favorite thing at Disney. It was easy to see why, the music effectively inspired mood.

In April, 2001, we made our first trip to WDW since Ed and I were married and saw the show for ourselves and discovered what Tina had already known-this was the BEST way to spend an evening at Walt Disney World.

Over time, we found our favorite place around the World Showcase Lagoon to view the fireworks (near Germany, with a nice glass of German white wine)) and we probably enjoyed the music more than the fireworks. As a result of listening to the CD at work many nights or on the drive to or from work, I knew where the key fireworks cues were.

I even figured out my favorite section (Celebration) and programmed it into my phone. When I'd inadvertently left my phone in Donna's car when we stayed at WDW together, she left my phone at the front desk. Each time it rang, a different CM wanted to know whose phone it was. When I was able to collect it later that afternoon, I got several requests for the ring tone.

Tonight, you can enjoy the music that takes me to my happy place, IllumiNations, Reflections of Earth.


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