Everywhere You Go, Always Take the Weather With You

This week, we finally have the glorious weather that Florida is known for.

When I was growing up, I didn't realize that Long Island's temperate climate was unusual. Travel 50 miles north or west and winters would involve a lot of white stuff, the summers sweltering, sticky days.

Instead, by virtue of the Atlantic flanking the south shore, Long Island experienced summers in the mid 80's, with the rare day in the 90's. Winters involved freezing rain, but the years with snow were memorable, because the warmth of the ocean kept temperatures above freezing.

The move to Maryland brought an understanding of what summer heat really was. I used to joke that Mother Nature turned on the heat on May first, because BOOM, it was 85 degrees, hot and sticky and stayed that way until mid-September. Living in a valley meant that the humidity and heat just stayed there. Those constant breezes that one experiences on Long Island were gone. Over time, we learned to have the summer clothes at the ready that last week of April.

Florida is still a learning experience, weather wise, but I think the pattern is starting to show itself. The first week of April last year found some glorious weather as I began enjoying the outdoors on a temporary assignment. The year before, that glorious weather began a week earlier.

So, is the first week of April the one where the 80 plus days arrive? I'm thinking that we can set the calendar by it, but only time will bear this one out.


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