I Want Pizza

Yes, it's 11:30 at night, but I want pizza. Alas, there will be no pizza tonight, unless I make a french bread pizza, and that's not really pizza.

But it got me to thinking. Ed has found a wonderful family run Italian restaurant nearby. We'd passed it for years, thinking it was just a strip mall pizza joint-how wrong we were. It ends up that the family moved here from Italy a dozen years ago and the entire kitchen staff is family members.

The traditional dishes are to die for, so I hadn't had their pies, but last week, Ed took the boys and got a pepperoni pie.

Now I want some.

Oh, and if you're in Lakeland, Romeo's is THE BEST honest to goodness Italian food you will find!

So, Pepperoni? Sausage? Hawaiian? What's your favorite? There might be a pie in my near future...


Mike Golch said…
There was a same kind of place that My first wife and I went to when I was in the Air Force in Sacramento CA.
Saffa Chick said…
My favourite is the Napolitana - anchovies and olives and tomato. Very simple on a thin crispy base. I sometimes add garlic and capers.


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