The Dali Museum and The Columbia Restaurant

Today, Game Teen and I enjoyed an afternoon in the company of my professor and a bunch of classmates from my spanish class. We took in the Dali, then dined at Ybor City's Columbia restaurant.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the exhibits at the Dali, but it was different from my trip last may. I'd say about 30-40% of the display was different, and they change every three months. Game Teen apparently had studied Dali with his awesome 5th grade teacher, so he was quite interested in what was on display. (My favorite from last time, a gouache "After the Battle" painted on wood, was not on display. bummer)

Our docent was hilarious and I will be looking for him again (Terry). He reminded me a bit of one of the chefs that is frequently seen on Food Network, Art Smith. As Game Teen was the only under 18 in the crowd, he warned that the presentation was PG 13, but he needn't have worried.

After the tour, we spent time wandering around and Game Teen asked for a coloring book, not something he typically does-so he got it.

We got up to Ybor City with an hour to spare for our dinner reservations, so we decided to walk around. I'll add some pictures tomorrow, it was fun using the Hipstamatic app with all the classic architecture.

The Columbia has been on the list of places to try and I'm glad I finally got to enjoy. Traditional spanish food, sangria and a very entertaining group of Flamenco dancers. It has earned that reputation for good authentic spanish food. there are about a dozen dishes that I contemplated...

All in all, a great (but tiring) day.


ligirl said…
Sounds amazing! Can we please put that (Dali museum) on the list of things to do when I visit? I HAVE been to the Columbia here in St. Augustine...a couple of years ago with you-know-who...

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