Cool Ways to Supplement Learning Spanish

Fifteen weeks later, it has been a lot of fun learning espanol. A good professor, great classmates and several pointers have really helped me to do well and enjoy to the point that I'm looking towards taking three more semesters with this instructor-even though I only need to complete two.

The first day of class, she gave some tips to help students in learning and I've used them all with great success. Of course, I want to push it a little more, so I was looking for other things to do.

Starting small, perhaps use My Weekly Reader en Espanol? No luck on the web for that unless you subscribe, but then I hit up CNN en Espanol and that worked much better. I've also toyed with writing a sentence or two on the blog every day en espanol to keep the skills fresh for the month that we're on break between class sessions.

It always makes sense to use what works for you and for me, writing helps things to sink in better. I'm just hoping it will keep things fresh for the month that my instructor is in Europe with other students!


JW said…
Ironic because I am thinking about incorporating some spanish into my blog as well. I already did a little bit in my heading.

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