Things I Love About College, A Random List

I don't love Chiari, and I don't love my allergies right now, because they both are kicking my head right now.

However, there are many things I love about school:

1. There are two weeks of the five class semester left and as it stands right now, I have an 96, a 94 a 95, a possible 89 (still waiting for the test grade) and an 86. I'll definitely be pulling one of those up to an A, the other one, maybe.

2. My campus is the small one, so I know faculty and staff. Thanks to the smaller class sizes, I've got a half dozen good friends, too.

3. When there's a concern, I contact an advisor and Boom, my problem is fixed. To the point that I am officially scheduled for the last seven classes I need to graduate in December.

4. And when I feel like crap, like right now, I can skip studying for the night and get the rest I need and hope that the headache goes away...


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