It Beckons Me

It says:
"So what if the water is 65 degrees, you swam in 60 degree water five mornings a week your senior year of high school."

"That bulging disc, pinched nerve and RSD will enjoy a nice, soothing soak and don't care if the water's cold."

"You should get in while one child is off at camp if you want to enjoy a peaceful experience."

I will wait, but not much longer...


JW said…
Ah, the bulging disc. Yeah, I had a cervical hernia which is nearly the same. I got it from weightlifting. I know what that pain is like and it doesn't care for heavy weights so I have to baby it through those sessions otherwise I am done.
Suzanne said…
Yikes, John! Lifting with a bulging disc? You've got a high pain threshold to do that!

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