Of Goals Present and Future

Yesterday, I took final number one. This was a written final and after it was complete, if my overall average was above 92, I would be exempt from the oral exam. I could have bombed the test and still been clear. Around midnight, the confirmation showed up-I completed Spanish with a 96.5 overall.

After studying about ten hours, I took final number two this afternoon. It was for my lone web based course and I sweated it, because I needed a 92 on the test to maintain my A in the course. There is an opportunity to earn twenty points of extra credit by writing a comprehensive paper about the course. Based on the previous three exams, I thought I'd be close, but figured I'd be off by a hair.

I was, but I noticed something that points to my future. There is a major glitch with the software used for online course content. My selections were being switched when I cursored from my selection to the 'save answer' button. It happened a total of twelve times in the course of the fifty question test. Yes, I caught it-but now I wonder if the software upgrade has done it in the past and I didn't notice it.

This afternoon was a volley of emails between me, the professor and her TA. My experience has been the best TA and the prof is excellent. They took the information and ran with it and the other observations I'd noticed on the exam. Two of those points I need are definitely coming back due to another minor glitch.

The finals are meant to determine how much we learned. To notice the framework, the issues and problems that can potentially affect students and instructors, point them out, summarize and offer a low tech solution and a more complex one does something else entirely. It speaks to the goal I have down the road, that even without the technical knowledge of the program used, I have an eye for what I'm planning to do.

There are three paths for that master's program. Perhaps I am headed on the correct one in that department...


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