Work From Home

It seems that once again, I have a deadline before me that probably was a little ambitious.

It can be done, but only because I had put in 9 hours of overtime prior to yesterday. Today, I had a need to stay close to home, but I've done work intermittently throughout the day. I'll probably put in another hour to complete a section of questions, then pack it in.

I was thinking that I might get 4 hours of work done with the other things I'd need to do for the day. Instead, I've got over 8 hours into this work so far.

Because I'm salaried, overtime becomes comp time. The question becomes 'when will I take it?' Would love to take it tomorrow, but the due date is tomorrow, and I should be on campus to test it out and fix whatever bugs may have occurred with my branching logic. (I found one, but no others...yet).

Instead, it may be Monday or Tuesday and I'll take a much needed day to sleep in!


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