IOS 7: Changing iMessage to Show Only One Phone

You've got a new iPhone, or you just upgraded to IOS 7, and all of a sudden, you've noticed a problem. You're getting your texts AND your husband's. Or you text him, and your phone indicates you have a new text-but it's the one you just sent.

I'd been hearing about this problem from others for a while, but didn't personally have it, so I hadn't paid much attention. Then, my sister Giggles got an iPhone for her birthday (yay, she's joined the dark side), and I got an iMessage this afternoon. Later, she texted me again to ask why she's getting her husband's texts as well. She was helpful, though, telling me they share an iTunes account.

Searching for answers, I came upon what's happening. Not only are they sharing an iTunes account, they must be using iCloud, which pushes all content to all devices. I only share my iTunes account with the boys, and I don't use the cloud, which is why this is a problem that didn't affect me. That said, if you ARE affected and want to fix it, here's the info I provided Giggles in an easy to follow tutorial. You know, since I'm the techie of the family.

How to change the messaging settings with IOS 7:

Step One

1. Find Settings. Touch it to launch the application.

Step Two

2. In the settings tab, scroll down to locate Messages. Touch on it to open the screen.

Step Three

3. Locate Send & Receive. If you’re having issues with multiple accounts linked to one iTunes account getting all getting texts, this will indicate 2 or more addresses.

Tap on this bar to modify your incoming and outgoing messages.

Step Four

4. My settings allow one phone number and four email accounts to send and receive iMessages. These are all drawn from my email accounts I’ve configured into my phone and my iTunes account.

I do not use iCloud, otherwise the other phones that share my iTunes account would show up, too. However, you can fix this by touching any phone number or email account you don’t want to be added to iMessage. This will toggle the setting to off.

Having access to your kids' phones is good, but you will want to go into their phones and toggle your phone OFF from their access. Otherwise, they might see holiday texts that talk about buying the item they want the most!

I hope this is helpful if you're trying to find the answer to getting everyone in your iTunes accounts texts!


My two daughters share my account. We already figured out the message thing. I tried to back up my cLendar and contacts in the cloud and got all of my daughters info. Any way to fix that?
Suzanne said…
That's next on tap, because I pulled a limited outlook calendar from the school district, and it populated EVERYTHING into my calendar on the phone. So much for it asking what items I wanted, then given me all of it!

As soon as I figure it out, there will be a tutorial.

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