I had the blog a couple of years before I added Sitemeter. It's a nifty little widget, telling me who visits, where they're from and how long they've been on my blog. Well, that last one isn't quite accurate, because I know I've logged in from work and it shows :00 despite me being here for a couple of minutes tinkering.

The number has been creeping up lately, and while I don't normally pay attention to the hit number, rather what brings people to the blog (in order to write more of that content), and I saw this:

So tomorrow, that number will move into the six figures.

Kind of cool.

While I get weekly and monthly stats breakdowns, and yearly for a few things, it'd be interesting to see what my top ten all time blog posts are. I have a pretty good idea of the top five, but the rest? Not sure.


Very useful tool, that site meter. Thanks for letting me know about it. And congrats on the six figure milestone.

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