Further Proof of My NPR Nerdom

Over the years, I'm sure it has been covered about my love for NPR. It probably is a good thing that the radio in my car was always tuned to it, because the car stereo started acting wonky a few years ago and well, the only station that comes in clearly where I live is NPR.

A couple of months ago, though, I got an alert from Twitter (before I shut off all the notifications from there) that Neda Ulaby started following me. I squeed with happiness, and the majority of the twitterverse was like 'who?'. I don't know what I said that she found me worthy of a follow, but this fan girl followed right back.

Now if only I can get Ari Shapiro, Steve Inskeep, David Greene, and Scott Simon to follow her lead, I'd be a really happy fan girl.

About six months ago, I stepped into an Ulta store for the first time and signed up for their loyalty program. They send emails on a regular basis and now that there is a local Ulta, I tend to stop in about once a month after a nail appointment. Anyway, today, they sent me an email and it just furthered how much NPR is part of my life.

The email headline was that there was a sale on Mario Badescu beauty products. Frankly, I have no idea what kind of products, but my brain immediately interpreted it as Andrei Codrescu beauty products. Andrei is a very engaging commentator and is editor in chief of a web journal site.

I was trying to figure out the tie in between Ulta, and the talented Andrei, and Exquisite Corpse, and laughed. Makeup for cadavers? *

Even Andrei would find that funny.

In an NPR Nerd kind of way.

*An Exquisite Corpse is actually a writing technique in which collaborators work on a project together following a specific rule for composition or by allowing the next contributor to only see the last sentence of the previous content before continuing the writing.


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