Subs N Such, Tampa

The other day, I decided that studying during my lunch just wasn't going to cut it and asked a coworker to leave campus for lunch, because I needed conversation instead of solitude. He suggested 'a really good sub place', and that is how we ended up at Subs n Such.

It's a basic, no frills kind of sub shop, with walls lined with antique bottles of soda, coolers filled with hard to find varieties of other sodas and a menu signboard from the 80's, one that you place the blue plastic letters on a white background.

My friend suggested getting the steak and cheese, and I did, opting for it as a pressed Cuban. While the meat was microwaved, it still had good flavor. It was then pressed with mozzarella, lettuce, tomato and onions. The whole package was perfect- good crunch on the bread, just the right amount of mayo, fresh tomatoes, not too much onion, and ample lettuce. The best part is that it had great flavor without being greasy.

The bonus was that I got to have some Louisiana favorites with my sandwich. I found Abita Root Beer in the cooler and Zapp's chips and I was a happy camper. To be honest, that sandwich was so good, I didn't even crack open the chips until later, but the root beer was a good balance to the sandwich.

With Subs and Such only being 5 minutes from my office, I think I've got a new addition to the lunch time possibilities if the food trucks aren't appealing.

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