A Dude and His Food

We seem to be getting one new contender into the rotation of lunch time selections at USF, and the addition this past week was A Dude and His Food.

The offerings were all sorts of 'cheesesteaks' with beef or chicken, then various fries, and the day we saw them, cheese fries or onion rings. They also run a lunch special with fries and a soda for $10.

In looking over the menu, I liked the idea of a gyro-inspired philly sub, though I fully expect it to be a huge mess to eat. The staff running this truck were very friendly and fast-an important skill on this blustery day. None of us wanted to be out there waiting for food, so they were speedy. I opted for the special with the drink and fries.

I started off with the fries and they were closer to the crispy side and perfectly salted, which makes me happy. Didn't need anything added to them, a bonus. Started off eating that sandwich with a fork, and was afraid to pick it up, due to the quantity of fillings. I shouldn't have-it was well engineered. The tzitziki was awesome, good flavor, the meat chopped finely. Overall, a good sandwich, one that I will get again.

If you're in the mood for cheese steak, I'd hazard a guess that their basic isn't 100% traditional, but it will taste really good. Give the Dude and His Food a try and I suspect you'll agree.

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