This semester's class has given me plenty of reading, and even more food for thought. It is the last class that my department offers in philosophical pursuit, which is why it fuels so much contemplation.

I am so very thankful that I had a germ of an idea sprout while seeing Tony Attwood speak in Fall, 2010. Then to have this desire to learn, to explore, to share what I discover become a solid idea grounded in educational theory, and then refined through the many probing questions of my major professor.

This class energizes me more than any other, and this saying quite a bit, because there haven't been many classes in the past five years that weren't enjoyable. However, I leave and have many things I want to write down, to synthesize the evening's discussions as they relate to my specific topic of research.

For a while, I've thought it may be time to start writing a professional blog. No, not one that is about making money with it (though that would be nice.) Rather, one that features musings on scholarly pursuit and where I am in this journey, what I find relevant to the upcoming research. My best work comes from writing it down after many hours of letting it tumble dry in my head.

So, with tonight's class, in which I presented half the discussion, it is time. Time to start that new blog.

That doesn't mean an end to this one, though. Where else have I been able to be my ADHD self in cyberspace better than here? No, it'll be a separate page, lest I put people to sleep with the stuff that gets me wide awake with excitement at the ideas and knowledge gained.

This time, I'm going to jump ship. Eventually, it is possible that this little endeavor will make the move over to Wordpress, but that one has to start there because there are many more features that I'll need to incorporate.

Seven years of writing every day has really improved my skill overall. Writing content specific material regularly will just make that dissertation that much easier to put together...


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