Street Surfers, Tampa

Some days, a new food truck is paired with one that has food that smells so good and you KNOW it's good that the temptation is to forgo the exploration for the sake of blogging and just get the tried and true. Such was the case Thursday, as Just Smokin' BBQ was there, some 'que would have been good right about then. Instead, I forged ahead with trying the new guy.

I'm glad I did.

Street Surfer is an apt name for a food truck, surfing the streets of Tampa on a quest to bring funky flavors to the masses. The truck has a great retro vibe.

The menu, oh the menu. I was like the couples on house hunters, forced to rule choices out in order to make a decision. Italian beef was scratched off merely because I make a respectable version at home. I didn't want hot dogs, and I was down to the Mojo Nachos or the Shrimp Po Boy. In situations like these, I ask the person on the truck which to get. The gentleman told me the nachos were good, but the PoBoy was better. PoBoy it was.

I hadn't noticed the conch fritters until afterwards and debated adding them on, but I had a feeling the sandwich would be quite enough on its own. In short order, it appeared in the window and yep, this one is big. I know the picture may not appeal, because of that gumbo gravy, but just look at that crusty, flaky bread.

I took the fork. A traditional PoBoy has lettuce, tomato, and mayo and you can eat it like a hero or sub. That gravy made this more like a bread bowl soup, which was perfectly fine by me. The bread was crispy, toasted with garlic butter, and soft inside. I would have just eaten that garlic bread and been happy, but the shrimp and the gumbo were expertly seasoned, with large chunks of Andouille sausage, creamy, and warming on a chilly (45 degree) Florida day.

I ate the large pieces with a fork, then had the gumbo coated bread afterwards and was very happy that I wasn't swayed by the old stalwart sitting beside Street Surfer. You probably may want to do the same if faced with such a decision.

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