PaniniRiffic, Tampa

The lunch truck today was one I hadn't seen before, PaniniRiffic. I like paninis, they're good. In fact, if I suggest making my family paninis (using a cast iron pan as my press), they're all over it. In fact, we had roast beef with horseradish mayo and cheddar last Saturday. So, the idea of someone else making them definitely appealed.

They came prepared, truck at the ready with a staff of three. Smart move, as they'd be the only truck and it was a gorgeous winter day around here.

The menu had something for all tastes: roast beef, mojo chicken, a cuban, and a vegetarian option. Plus, they had fried yucca, plantains, and guava balls for dessert.

This was my mojo chicken panini. I asked for grilled onions along with the mojo, because it seemed like it'd be a little better with them. Each panini comes on a bed of seasoned french fries, similar to the kind you get at Checkers. That was kind a surprise, because I saw one or two peeking out from under my sandwich and then realized that oh, there are fries. Most trucks don't include fries-nice bonus.

The Thai Sweet Potato soup sounded delicious. I wasn't expecting Thai hot, so when it wasn't I wasn't disappointed. It's a delicately seasoned pureed soup that has the tiniest hint of heat and a definite thai seasoning. Now I'm on a quest to find a recipe to do something similar for niece and her fiance, we all love sweet potato!

A closer look at the sandwich. Good crunch, good flavor all around and a very satisfying lunch for ten bucks. Hope they come back soon!

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