Kind Grinds, Tampa

Yesterday's new food truck appealed right off the bad, for it is Asian inspired. Kind Grinds is relatively new to the food truck business, and was a first timer at USF's lunch trucks, but if what I had is any indication, they're going to be around for a long time.

Smart business practice: start small. It's easier to build your business when you are already out there serving your food, so they've got a pull along trailer, instead of one of those Grumman delivery trucks. It's small, with an eye catching exterior.

Personally, I think the windows on both sides idea is good, especially as they build a clientele, they may need to serve out of both someday soon!

The menus boast a variety of tastes and it was really hard to decide what to get, because there wasn't a single thing that didn't sound good.

Ultimately, the idea of trying something I'd never had before (daikon) tipped me from a bowl to the Banh Mi, but which meat was going to be on it? I totally went eeny meeny minie moe, and opted for the Shogun beef, then asked them to add some kimchi on top, figuring that if I didn't like the daikon, that still would be good.

I shouldn't have worried. The daikon had a texture like onion and an almost sweet flavor that isn't like other radishes. Their kimchi was also very tasty, with a nice burn at the end.

The sandwich was actually a little too soggy to eat as a sandwich, but I didn't mind. It was partly because of the sauce, but mostly because of the quantity of ingredients on the pretzel bun. The shogun, which was beef shank, had a texture like pot roast and a good soy flavor. The veggies and kimchi gave it fantastic crunch and that pretzel roll was very soft. This is definitely one I will try again, though I'm still probably going to have to randomly pick from the other flavors.

Good solid effort, good portions, great price. You won't be disappointed.

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Sounds delish.

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