I crafted a blog post tonight that I will not publish. Oh, some people will get to read it and we can discuss what it means, but something I've come to learn in my years since I've returned to school is that sometimes it is far better to refrain from saying something that needs to be said because the act of composing it allowed me to find my peace with the story.

Honestly, I found my peace with it a while ago, and that was reaffirmed with my recent trip. A lot of time alone in the car is a recipe for a clot, but it gives you ample opportunities to ponder life's happenings. That trip prompted one further action on my part, a step I needed to take. Sometimes it is better to say nothing.

I'm doing a lot more of that in many areas of my life. Hitting the back button, writing, then deleting. Having something to say in real life that needs to be said, but isn't. The message may have value, but I'm learning that if the other person doesn't find the value in it, then there's no sense in sharing it.

Instead of being stifling, it's rather freeing. It is an exercise in zen, realizing that maybe the opportunity to say it will come later. Maybe it won't. There was a time when this would have really bothered me.

Now? Not so much.


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