Another Day, Another Doctor

Today, I met a rheumatologist. Nice guy, really liked him.

He was kind of confused why I was sent to him, but he and the med student with him did a great job with running me through a few basic tests. The upshot is that they don't think my hand issues are skeletal (which I honestly didn't think, either.) and gave a possible diagnosis-small bundle neuropathy. That's often too small to show up on a nerve conduction study, so maybe.

Alas, in an effort to make sure there isn't anything else going on, I've been referred to an orthopedist to check for an issue. Based on the one named, my Google-Fu for medical things brings up information about the named disorder that rule it out in my case. No pain, no rash, no other major symptoms. However, this is yet another 'diagnosis of exclusion' case. Yippee.

Meanwhile, I'd like to go to work in the morning, but if I had to leave in five minutes, I wouldn't even consider it. Why do I keep pushing myself?


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