Roaming Gourmand

I thought I'd done a review of Roaming Gourmand, but they're not on Urban Spoon. Oops.

Really nice crew of people, funky sandwiches, with two or three vegetarian choices each time around. Today's choice was the Chicken Pesto sandwich, which was garnished with grilled red peppers and onions, and a heap of arrugala. With a side of the addicting Chip's chips, this is a $10 lunch that doesn't leave you hungry-and tastes darn good.

Now to get them listed, so other's can enjoy the delicious choices available at this truck!

Roaming Gourmand on Urbanspoon


You can always ask Urbanspoon to add them. That chicken pesto looks yummy.
Suzanne said…
Yeah, I thought I'd asked for them to be added. It ends up it was two others.

Just as well, as there are two other trucks that are new this week.

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