Aboard the Wayback Machine

Back in the 70's, my hometown got a store called The Pop Shoppe. You went into this storefront and there were stacks of cases of glass bottles of soda. The concept was that you'd pick and choose from the many flavors. What I remember most is that when the store first opened, you could sample any of the flavors to decide what you liked.

Let's just say that with many people in the house and what was considered a 'premium' price by my mom, I only got the occasional bottle, purchased from the funds I earned doing chores for my mom or my 'adopted' family around the corner. Still, there were a few favorites among those exotic flavors, and Lime Rickey was at the top of the list.

Imagine my surprise when we visited a bulk food store that opened in Brandon and saw these in the case!

In the corner of the case was my old favorite, Lime Rickey (though it seems it is now spelled Lime Ricky). I got a bottle and enjoyed it today. Just as good as I remembered.

There are definite plans to go back to the bulk food store with a list of items we need, and I expect to have more bottles in the future!


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