Cold or Allergies?

You know the feeling, right? Where your nose is a tiny bit congested, which isn't all that unusual-but it feels just the tiniest bit off? You don't even have a tickle in the back of your throat, but you think a storm is brewing in that cranium?

I'm there and I really think it's the former. That said, we have an important reception at work tomorrow, one where my boss texted me and reminded me to dress up and *make an appearance* despite it being the first night of the class I TA. The kind of event where if I call out sick if it is a cold, that would not look good.

This is after I told my germaphobe office mates that I promise I won't infect them with a cold, but I tend to have a lingering cough for ages afterward. So, I think I'll be bringing in my laptop and tucking my potentially infected but in the far corner of the office at the lone vacant desk until I know for sure...


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