Pasta Bowl-Tampa

Another food truck not currently on Urban Spoon. We need to fix this, people need to read the reviews on these awesome eats.

Today's lunch choices at work included the really good 'Que of Just Smokin', but I hadn't tried the Pasta Bowl yet. In the interests of sharing feedback on these places, I opted for pasta today.

There was a good variety of items on the menu, split evenly between sandwiches and pasta.

Pesto was calling my name, so I went with the Pesto Pasta. It is served on rotini, with some sun dried tomatoes and an ample topping of fresh parmesan. The bread was soft on the inside, had crust with tooth and was a nice complement to the pasta.

Too much pesto is not enough in my book, so I would have loved more pesto. That said, there was some great flavor in this fresh made pesto, and ample tomatoes. I'd get it again, but I think I might try that caprese sandwich next time.

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