Uh Oh

Back in May, my laptop was hosed, and I took advantage of my employer's payroll deduction option at the computer store to get Ed an iMac and me a new laptop.

From May until September, I used that machine, but I never got around to putting all my instructional design software onto it, so when I got the hosed laptop fixed, I jumped back to it fairly quickly. It has stuff on it, but I have a habit of moving between laptop, work computer, then iMac at home, so I was pretty sure everything was on at least two of the three machines.

One class is with my major professor, and she told me right before the holiday break that there are only two of us in the class who took both prerequisite classes, so she's relying on our experiences in this course. (The other student only needs this one class before taking his quals and is a really nice guy.) The other students have been admitted to the class, with the understanding that they may need to retake it later and get a grade change.

Friday, she emailed me and A, asking us to send her a copy of the paper we each wrote for the other class. Sure thing, I can send that off.

Only problem is, I seem to just have the draft of everything but the literature review portion of it. In the long run, that's not a big deal, because I was going to change that for my dissertation proposal with the lit review I did for her class, since it is better organized. However, I took an incomplete to finish that, with a target date of the end of the month.

So, I will submit the first and third chapter and hope that we don't need that lit review section until a little later...


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