Cajun In a Truck

It has been great having food trucks just outside my office for the past couple of months. Some of the owners have become friends on Facebook, and it has been fun to interact with the trucks that come back several times a month.

A few weeks ago, a truck showed up, but had the wrong date. They were really nice and very outgoing. I'd suggested a place they could set up shop, as they prepped some amazing-smelling cajun food. Not sure if they did, but I finally got to try some of their food the other day.

Here's the thing, it is Cajun food, and honestly, there isn't anything Cajun I won't eat. This made it difficult to narrow down my choices, but they sell a lovely lunch box for 10 bucks, and I ended up with a Shrimp PoBoy and Crawfish-Corn Bisque.

This was expertly seasoned food, fresh, and delicious. They know their cuisine, and I will definitely make an effort to visit this truck when it's here.

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