LizzieCakes, Tampa

Today's food truck offerings were two that I hadn't tried before, Yukon Mike's Fry Bread and LizzieCakes. I wasn't sure if fry bread was going to end up being lunch (I was in the mood for veggies), but I assumed that LizzieCakes was desserts. Thankfully, I was wrong.

I wanted fresh, I wanted veggies, and they had several options that sounded good. I went for the Chicken salad croissant with a side salad. Why not, it's croissant day. I debated the Greek salad, but also had a trip to Wawa for their chicken salad hoagie on my to do list for the coming week. (Yeah, Wawa. Good sandwiches, with my current fave being the chicken salad on whole wheat, pressed with cheddar. Yum.)

The menu did have some tempting dessert offerings, but I just went for the lunch. Maybe next time I'll get one, like the coworker who got the bacon caramel brownie.

The ladies were super friendly and quick. I had my food in under three minutes, though the weather really kept the crowds down today. At least they park under a canopy when they're here, everyone gets to stay dry.

The salad was a good balance of mixed greens, cucumber, tomato chunks and and a sprinkle of shredded cheese on top. I got balsamic vinaigrette. It was a good salad, cold and crispy.

The chicken salad croissant had plenty of the salad, which was fresh shredded chicken with some sliced grapes in in and mayonnaise. No fillers or odd things, but it was short on seasoning. I actually did something I rarely do, and opened the pepper packet that came in the utensil bag they gave me. I didn't want to use the salt, but it needed a little more seasoning, maybe some onion powder or a bit of curry. Just a touch, but that's probably just me. It had great texture and my portion was all white meat. The croissant was fresh and buttery.

I'd get it again, but I think I'll have some alternative seasonings ready. One of my coworkers already has dubbed me 'Walgreens' because any time she needs something, such as bandaids, cough drops, analgesics or a utensil, I have it. Heck, the Cholula sits out on my desk. If I add some seasonings, she'll need a new name!

All in all, a respectable effort on the food, and I'll give it another try. Dessert is a definite must have for next time. Based on this meal, it won't be a drop everything and get their lunch (a la I Wanna Wok or Cajun in a Truck), but definitely one that I would choose long before resorting to a microwave meal out of the freezer!

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