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I created a Warning sign for a person I interact with on Twitter who also has RSD. Thinking a friend from HS who also has RSD would appreciate it, I posted it on her wall. Then she shared it with a Facebook RSD group-and people were loving it. As the HS friend works in marketing, she urged me to create a CafePress site to sell products with the sign.

She has a point. I will create things from time to time that others like, so why not monetize?

If you know someone with RSD/CRPS who may be prone to bad flare days, this is for them, but I'll add more items as the urge to do so arises.

The name comes from an old boss calling me Suzanne Suzannadanna, then Danna, then DannaFace. It was a clear sign that you were a beloved coworker when you got a nickname that evolved. ;)

Dannaface Designs


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