Another Semester...

I've counted 114 of Dr. Al-Rady's students visiting so far this semester...

I remember that the class was harder than the other three I tool that summer. It was insane to take 4 classes in ten weeks, but I'd taken two classes the previous summer, which was a very different experience. Who was I to know that you smash 15 weeks worth of instruction into ten, when the other two were each 6 week classes in less rigorous disciplines? Or rather, subjects that I knew very well going in?

That said, the class was the hardest undergrad class in terms of the volume of work assigned, and not as hard as I thought biology would be. Great professors make the class interesting, even if you don't have a bit of interest in the subject. I meticulously calculated my grades in the class, back when I wanted only As. As a result, I got a B in a class in my major! Still, I retained much of the content taught in both classes, so it's a win on that front.

Four years on, I realize that damn, that class was a good primer for what would follow!


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