Working Below the Surface

Every once in a while, a student comes to my team for help. Today, a first year student wanted some help getting his Calendar in our Learning Management System (LMS) into Windows 8. Well, that can't really be done, but all students have a university specific Google Mail account. I tell the student I'll see what info I can come up with and get back to him.

There was nothing that covered syncing in the way we needed it that was quick and easy to follow-so I created a tutorial, using my student account. It worked great, I got my LMS calendar into my student email calendar. Sweet. Then I found a way to delete it, because I never use the Google calendar.

However, I have an Outlook account at work. For months, I've had work email go to the student account and one or two student things come to Outlook-and I never stopped to consider that somewhere, student services got that information. That while I don't link the two accounts, the University does.

Yep, that lovely tutorial ended up syncing my LMS calendar to Outlook-including all the activities of SIXTY classes I administer in some way. And there is nothing in Outlook to allow me to unsync those course events from my Outlook. Which means that when my boss looks at my calendar, it appears that I am attending many lectures-some simultaneously.

Well, I have a tutorial for the first year students. Now I just need to find one for me to get all these events OUT of outlook...


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