Diagnosis: ADHD

I've battled it for years, though not always successfully. As I work my way through my studies, I find it harder and harder to live with my distracted nature. So, I decided to ask my neurologist about it, and was sent to a psychiatrist.

Many phone calls were made. At work, a nearly six month wait for an initial assessment. My list of providers had a few familiar names, thanks to the providers GameTeen has had over the years. I tried one, and she is a hospitalist who does not see outpatient. Several phone calls to different offices for another were a little frustrating, but I finally got someone who could take appointments for the office closest to me.

As we talk and I explain what I'm looking for, that the doctor used to see my son years ago, the secretary asks "can you get here Friday?". Hot damn, no long wait? Even better, I'd already requested the day off, so I took the offered appointment.

An intake and hour conversation later, I walked out with a tentative diagnosis-and a pack of medication. A medication, that if it works, confirms that I have ADHD.

I started the medication. It works like a charm.

It is SO nice to be able to concentrate on my schoolwork.


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