Not Quite What I Planned

For tonight, my plans were:

Meet my friend Jenn for dinner.

Come home by 6:30.

Study for five hours.


Leave work at 4 pm.

Go to computer store on campus.

Get out to car to find it won't start.

Call campus security for a jump.

Wait for campus security.

They give car jump, then when car doesn't start, check battery to find it's at 13 volts.

Call mechanic. Call AAA.

Wait an hour for AAA.

Follow up with AAA and have car start while on the phone with them tracking down the tow truck driver.

Drive back to Lakeland and drop off car at mechanic.

Am starving because I ate an early lunch in anticipation of 5pm dinner, it is now 8:15.

Run home with Ed, pick up kids, go get dinner.

Have to get growing locust teenager new underwear, stop at WalMart.

Get home at 10:40.

At least the professor who is owed the assignment that required that studying sent ME an email and said it could be turned in tomorrow.


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