Online Communities Really Can Get Neighborly

Back in June, a friend introduced me to Tim Minchin (which I've mentioned here a couple of times.) What the friend didn't do was introduce me to the fan community for Tim, I found them on my own. A few friendships have been struck, and the ones who hang around on social media are just a fun bunch of people.

What I didn't expect is for one of those members to seek me out to offer me a pair of tickets to see Tim perform live. Now, that would be really, really cool-but it's in Leeds, England. A bit of a commute to accept those free tickets.

Still, it was a very sweet gesture and very flattering. I like interacting with the dozen or so active fans on the interwebz social media sites. I just didn't expect them to be that generous.

Now, if the prize patrol wants to show up in the next few days so that I can buy a plane ticket and go, I'm happy to give you directions...


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