On The Right Track

I created a project plan for my Flash class. The majority of it was done far in advance, the the night it was due, I tweaked it, added a flowchart and some storyboards and submitted it.

It got a perfect score.

I really expected it to get dinged on some small facet that I'd overlooked, but it seems that I hit all the marks on the rubric. Yes, I've gotten perfect scores before, but usually on these types of things, there is room for improvement, a component you didn't address, a detail that is essential to the product that you knew about, but forgot to add to the document. This time, that didn't happen

Part of it was because I interviewed an actual client who will use the product at the end, and we were able to meet all of his needs AND the tasks that I need to do in the course nicely. The other part definitely was due to the medication. The best part is that several of the elements will be really easy to execute.

What's funny is that in the past, the course was taught by a professor who liked to make things much harder than they really are. A friend took the course with that professor and was given a zero on an assignment for 'plagiarizing code'. Now, most of you don't know what this means, but the programmers are laughing-code is code, it has to have an exact syntax. So, if you want to run a query, you have to use the same code, no matter who you are.

This semester's professor is taking an opposite tack. He's telling us what we need to turn in, where to find resources, but basically, we have the freedom to explore and find what we need without micromanagement. While I like a course to fall somewhere between these two extremes, I suspect that by making us do the legwork to learn, we'll all retain more of the course content.

Well, I'm pretty sure I will, and that's a good thing.


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