The Road Not Traveled

I always have had an interest in psychology, in analyzing situations, and where it comes to people, trying to figure out what makes one tick or can be the best way to resolve an issue they're facing. For a long time, that made me think that pursuing a career in psychology would be a good fit. Over time, though, I realized that I'd want to fix the problems for my patients, and I dropped that concept. (It was also clear that I would bring their problems home with me-not a good thing.)

Still, over time, friends old and new will come to me when they need to sort through a problem, because I will pose the questions a skilled therapist tends to ask. A friend working towards a degree in that discipline has said the field would be perfect for me. While I enjoy it, that's not a passion-I just like to provide a fresh perspective when called upon for that task.

This week seems to be one where I've been called on to take on that role several times. I got a panicked text from a former coworker. She had a situation with her child that was really worrying her, the school honestly dropped the ball in handling it, and she told me when we spoke was that her first thought was to call me. Her rationale was 'Suzanne will be able to hear it out and break it down for me in a way I will understand.' Which is rather funny, because last year, we were butting heads more often than not.

So, even though my path went left, sometimes, I do seem to detour onto the path to the right.


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