Ikea As Is

Scored once again!

Found a floor model Omar on display, which was two of the tall wine racks and one narrow shelving unit placed together for $79. Normally, those three pieces go for $170, so I jumped on it. While I was paying for sodas for me and my friend after purchasing it, Allen noticed six people commenting about it. Then another four while I went to go get the van, and another five while it sat atop the van and I went back inside to buy straps to hold it on the car for the 45 mile ride home.

Yep, others could see the deal I jumped on! I can't exactly say 'no assembly required' as it shifted during the drive and some things will need to be readjusted. However, I now have a home for ALL the wine bottles and storage for the booze stash we got when Sweetbay closed back in February. Chef already said the K-cups and coffee items should go on one of the shelves.

Love it when I find something we'd wanted in the As Is!


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