Aloft, Jacksonville

In the years that we've gone to visit Donna, we've stayed on the cheap and as the kids have gotten older, and we've gotten pickier, we've stayed at decent quality hotels, like Hampton Inn.

Gone are the days were we can muddle through on two full size beds for four people. Chef is now taller than both of us and GameTeen is about a half inch shorter than Ed, we need bigger beds. I was ready to book at the Hampton Inn again, then Donna and I were talking about options, as a friend of hers offered to get us a friends and family rate at the hotel she works at, but it was in downtown, about 20 minutes from Donna's place.

We talked about two boutique style hotels near her in Southside, and I looked over both websites, ultimately choosing Aloft. I'm glad we did, we got great value, a LARGE room, friendly staff, and great basic amenities for $80 a night without using our AAA discount. All four of us were pleased with Aloft and if there's one in locations where we plan to visit in the future, it'll probably be our first choice for accommodations. Take a look.

There were two things I wanted to take with me: the lemongrass air freshener they use in the lobby (oh my word, it smelled incredible), and one of those blue loungers by the pool. Unfortunately, Ed and the boys told me they'd notice me hauling one to the back of the van...

So glad we've got someplace we like to stay when we're in Jacksonville that won't break the bank.


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