Eight Years

Eight years ago:

-my mom had terminal cancer.

-my mother in law and sister in law were preparing to move to Florida.

-we lived just outside of Tampa.

-I worked for Disney.

-My chronic health issues were just a blip in the past.

-Ed was unemployed.

-the boys were in elementary school.

-going back to school was just a dream idea.

-I liked to write, but other than the occasional short store and humorous email to friends, I didn't consider it something I 'had to do'. And now:

-three family members here in Florida have passed away.

-we live in Lakeland.

-I work for a university.

-My chronic health issues have announced their presence with authority quite a few times.

-Ed has been working the same job for six years solid, I was unemployed for three years.

-both boys are in HIGH school!

-after years of having time and no money, or money and no time, I returned to school and finished two degrees and am 6 courses into doctoral studies.

-I've written this blog for eight years, and for the past five, every single day.

The blog has introduced me to new people and made me comfortable with my abilities in writing. While what I say every day isn't of the same caliber of my school writing tasks, it has definitely helped me to refine my skills in that area, too. I've become the 'red pen of doom' for most of my friends, a few colleagues, and even a professor. All because I was urged to start a blog eight years ago.

While I think my days of daily blogging may come to a close soon, blogging has become so much a part of my life that I don't think I will ever go long without putting something on the electronic paper in cyberspace.

Thank you for indulging me in my narcissistic rants, Interwebz.


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