Scamp Approves

My friend A lives in a tiny apartment. I hesitate to even call it a studio, for it is a closed in carport. We're talking small.

He has one tiny cabinet to store all his food. It overflows, and he just reoriented stuff throughout the apartment and was looking for a shelving unit to store dry goods. I mentioned my small footprint shelves that I got from IKEA last year that is used in my bathroom to store toiletries. The Ikea website showed just a blonde wood, so I texted him a picture of the finish on mine, a honey brown.

A liked, and we spoke of going over to Tampa this weekend to get him the same thing. He responded 'Yay', and I sent another picture:

With it, a message "It has the Scamp seal of approval."

A laughed. We both are warped.


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