Fun with Flash

A project from the book, from nothing to this mutant lemon:

To a fish that could use Botox:

To a talking fish:

To a talking fish whose word bubble actually is in the right place:

To "Hey, this isn't all that bad!"

After working on this, and seeing how much is involved, I'm thinking that taking Flash over the summer, while it is still fresh, might be the way to go. The original plan called for Web Programming, but spreading that out over 15 weeks is preferable.

We'll see where this all leads...


LceeL said…
Mutant Lemon. Ha. I knew that was a fish all along. Although the talking thing is good. Too bad real fish don't have talking bubbles. Then we would know what they're saying. Which probably isn't that interesting anyway - I mean - how much interest could you have in someone who has spent their whole life in a fish tank? Rather limiting, if you ask me. But on the other hand - there IS that whole 'fly on the wall' thing - I mean, they get to SEE everything. Boy. If they could tell their secrets.
Suzanne said…
Well, he *could* be a fish in the ocean. I just didn't get to the part where I make coral and plants. :)

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