First Friday

Yet again, Ed and I worked on the apartment and got it close to empty, other than the furniture, that is.

Then I went over to the hospital and found that while things are good on the surgery front (I signed consent to do it on Thursday), Jane's on a heavier antibiotic Tigacycline and she was definitely out of it for most of the visit, wanting to eat the delivered whopper junior, but not wanting the table anywhere near her. Afterwards, I found out why she seemed confused at a visitor and the things I was saying. She thinks it is 2007 and Mom is still alive. Not good.

So, after the emotional weight of the day, we decided that we needed to attend first Friday in downtown Lakeland.

We saw this Scamp and all agree that it looks like it's a happy car.

Then another stop on the Neon Tour of Lakeland.

Pizza for dinner and an early bedtime. It was good to get out for a few hours and not think about the heavy stuff that's definitely coming soon.


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