Changes for GameTeen

Things have been changing for Game Teen.

A few months ago, his former Psychiatrist agreed that ten years using the same medication is too long, so we started lowering the dose of his OCD medication to prepare to switch to another one. Then she went on maternity leave, returned very briefly and left permanently. (It was her second fellowship in the program). So yesterday, he saw a new doctor for the first time.

Things have been very difficult with him for at least six months, but the reduction in medication made things bad. Really bad at school, to the point where he was expelled right before spring break. We and the school directors came up with an alternative plan for him, where he attends for a half day, completing work on a computer in a quiet office with the high school principal.

So, this week, he started half days. That went well. Then the new doctor, after reading summaries from me and the principal agreed that it's time to change things up. She asked what the biggest issue was that needed to be done first. The OCD is what drives everything else, so that was my opinion. The supervising Psychiatrist reviewed these summaries and agreed with what I'd said.

So tonight, he took his first dose of a new OCD medication since 2001. I'm cautious in my hope that it helps him, because so much is not helped by chemical intervention for Game Teen.

We won't know for a couple of weeks where he stands. I'm wondering if I can hold my breath that long.


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