Ruh Roh

Since the past couple of months have been spent attending to Jane, rather than my studies, let's just say my books, handouts and various educational stuff had been piling up. One of my goals this week was to get things reorganized. Heck, I was prepared to take the materials from my Bachelor's studies and organize them in one large binder, too.

So I purchased a couple of new binders and dividers because the curriculum covered will be be relevant. It'd be nice to have reference materials easy to locate if I have questions about how I did something. The more immediate goal was to get my term paper for Psychology finished today, but I wanted to collect the three refereed articles I read, the five page draft that was already graded and the teacher surveys I conducted at Game Teen's school last week.

Small problem: I can't find the draft paper or the refereed articles. The articles are easy enough to reprint from the USF library (I saved them in RefWorks), but my professor made some extremely helpful notations on that draft that I want to incorporate into the finished product.

The option is to skip the paper writing until the weekend and focus on the Flash tutorials I've been meaning to go through and hope that I find the papers in the next couple of days.

And THIS is why I've been frustrated this semester, because I have barely been clinging to academic order. There has been no time to keep things organized. At least I know that everything else I need is filed and index tabbed to within an inch of its life.


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