Whoever said that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb should have spent the last couple of days in Florida. We've had winds and torrential downpours. Heck, in driving Gameteen to school, I was not that far away from where a tornado touched down.

I didn't know about the tornado warnings, but that's because there weren't any for my county at that time! Instead, I drove in rain that made it impossible to see, rivaling the rains that preceded a couple of the hurricanes we had in '04 and '05. Poor Chef had early release from school at 3pm, and didn't arrive home until 4:30, about five minutes earlier than he would have on a regular day.

The camera stayed tucked in my bag in my travels today. Once home, I took a look at our pool. Yesterday, Ed and I agreed that perhaps we should drain it a bit with all the rain that we've had. It didn't get done. Around 5pm, I looked at it and saw this:

The water is supposed to be about three inches lower than that. I'm not going to crunch the numbers, but it's an 18,000 gallon pool normally, so I'm thinking we've got maybe another 1,000?

Perhaps I should prepare an ark, or get a pair of ruby slippers if this keeps up!


Michelle said…
Oh wow! Stay safe!!

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