New Camera, More Pizza

One of the things I like to do is play with the camera to take pictures of the food I cook. I'll never be a food stylist (yes, people are actually PAID to orchestrate how food looks in pictures), but part of the fun of trying to take good quality pictures is that I get to eat the subject afterwards.

And so it was tonight.

For the first time since getting the camera, I made pizzas on the grill. A nice pepperoni and onion and then a Hawaiian. Practice makes perfect on some fronts: the dough was done and rising in about three minutes, it took about 10 minutes to roll and prepare two pies and I've really learned the best temperature for getting the crust crisp and firm without burning it. (for the GMG, about 12 minutes at 375 produces a nice, smoky flavored pie) The new discovery is that grilling some of the ham while the first pizza is cooking is a great way to get even more flavor onto that pie.


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