The week

There's so much swimming in my head, begging to be put to blog, but I won't unleash the rantings at this time. Suffice to say Donna and Joyce have been so wonderful and let me vent my ire-several times to each. Ladies, once again, thank you for being there.

The week was our typical chock a block busy one, with several monkey wrenches added in, because, hey, Ed and I don't have enough stress already. Some of it is already a blur...

Monday: I was off, Ed was in training. I got some well needed sleep and caught up on some things that I needed to do.

Tuesday: We were awakened at o dark thirty to be informed that Jane was on the way to the hospital. Oh shit, no one to watch the kids while Ed's in a training meeting. The boys get home at 2:15, Ed at 3. I get off work at 5:30, get home and off we go to Scouts. Sorry, there are so few things we enjoy as a family, we are going to scouts-don't like it, bite me.

Wednesday: I'm off, Ed spends his last day working for my former employer, now his former employer, too. They'd cut his schedule from four days to only one or two thanks to the last time Jane was in the hospital. Once the kids get home from school, we all troop over to Lakeland and the boys either swim or watch a movie while Ed and his mom go to the hospital. Once they come back, we go to Carrabba's for the second time in a week, because I thought I'd get Ed his b'day dinner (nope, he's angling for this really good Thai place that we can't take the kids to).

Younger son orders the same adult sized entree that I'd enjoyed Sunday night when the four of us ate out BEFORE the shit hit the fan early Tuesday. Our server was really good and mentions conspiriatorily that he'd get the boy extra and he delivered on that promise. The scary part there is that it was easily half again what I'd been served Sunday night, and that meal was consumed 1/3 by me, 1/3 by son (and he FINISHED his kid pizza) and 1/3 leftovers for lunch Monday. The child ate 80% in one sitting without so much as offering a one to anyone else at the table!

Their soups are really good, so I opted for their spicy chicken soup. It's a nice, rustic soup with a consistency like a pasta e fagioli in a chicken broth. The child managed to eat 80% of that, too.

Back to the weeks events...

Thursday: (Ed's birthday)Ed started OJT at 5:30am, and I had a meeting at work at 9am. I got out of that at 10:30, come home wiped out. Kids home at 2pm and I trek over to cooking school, then leave there as the class starts so I can arrive at work at 4pm. I come home and make the kids lunches because I need to be out the door by 7:20am. Ed went over to Lakeland to take

Friday: Ed OJT, me off to work for an 8am arrival. I called him on my lunch break to check in . He tells me he'll probably head over to Lakeland as soon as he gets home to the boys. This puts in my head that I take my time leaving work. A call at 5:30 finds that he's got dinner in the oven and would rather we all go to Lakeland, so he can sleep on the drive home. Screws with my pharmacy run at Target, but that's another story.

I get home to find him sleeping and he's wiped out. Instead of all four of us going, I head to Lakeland solo and he goes to bed. Mom and I visit the hospital and it was an interesting hour. (frustrating interesting, not good interesting)

Mom's hungry when visiting hours are over, so I take her to Olive Garden (told her to pick someplace she likes that Jane CAN'T eat). I talk about work and a lot of other stuff to take her mind off the worrying she is wont to do. Back to her place at around 10:45 (I'm so very tired) and back here at 11:30.

Saturday: Ed's got his last day of OJT at 5:30am, I get to sleep in and take the boys to a pool party at noon. Ed and I get to see each other there for 20 minutes before I leave for work.

Sunday: The agenda calls for me to be at work at 10 and work until 7. I'll get home at 7:30 and see Ed for a half hour before he goes to work from 9pm to 6am.

Other things to consider: I called in a refill for my Lyrica to Target Wednesday night. I ran out Thursday morning, but because I'm so damn busy with other people's stuff, I still don't have it. I am CRABBY at the stabbing pains. Ed can't get the script w/o money, so I can't ask him to do it. Thankfully, it's just friggin pain, it's not life or death.

Ed needs new shoes for work. His feet span three different sizes, depending on the width, so I can't go 9 1/2 wide, just does not work. Again, he doesn't have money-he needs me there to get them.

This list is not all inclusive. There are more things to be done each day, but this is the major stuff. Sleep deprivation, RSD pain, stress and feeling put upon make me have short fuse.

Oh and I feel bad that the earliest Ed might even get his birthday cake is Tuesday. The reality is that it probably won't be until next weekend. Sorry, honey.


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