The hospital, once more

No, not me. In my 40 years on this planet, I have had four overnight hospital stays, consisting of: my birth, the deliveries of each of my children, and the DVT that earned me a 9 day stay when older son was 7 weeks old. While one stay every ten years is not what I'd consider good, it isn't that bad, since three related to births.

As you all know, I've had some chronic issues. My hatred of being confined to a bed is so great that I don't let issues get out of control. Any health issue that requires a specialist has one. Hell, I even have a cardiologist because I needed a sign off for surgery last year. I don't fool around with my health-there are three people depending on me. If there IS a problem I'm dealing with, the first thing I do is get on that phone, make an appointment and get my ass in to be seen by a doctor. No ifs, ands, or buts.

My sister in law is in the hospital. Again. This time, she got a boil. According to Wikipedia, "Boils are generally caused by an infection of the hair follicles by Staphylococcus aureus or staph, a strain of bacteria that normally lives on the skin surface." Staph, folks. Major, heavy duty stuff. The stuff they talk about in grave voices on all the medical dramas on TV. The lesson for the day is: DON'T MESS AROUND WITH A STAPH INFECTION!

The reason for the current hospital stay is that the boil did what boils will do, it got worse and became abscessed. When the circulation is already compromised by diabetes and heart issues, this should not come as a surprise. She previously had been hospitalized due to having a boil years ago that ultimately earned her a diabetes diagnosis.

Sunday, as we were leaving Lakeland, we were asked to pick up some drawing salve for a boil. (and I'll admit I knew nothing about boils and that they're caused by staph then) Monday, she planned to spend the day at WDW, but left the parks early because she was feeling like crap. She didn't call the doctor. Tuesday morning at 2:30am, we got a phone call that the ambulance was en route to the house because her blood sugar was out of control.

The questions then and now are many, and I don't really have the answers. They're still nagging me. Why wait until 2:30am to do something about it? How long was her sugar out of whack? How long was she feeling like crap? Did she call the doctor? If so, why didn't she go in to see him? Why did she go to WDW if she knew this was something to keep an eye on?

Having diabetic episodes of too much sugar or not enough sugar are taxing an already weak heart and putting those kidneys through hell. The more this happens, the weaker they get. The nephrologist told her that if she'd waited another day, she would have had another heart attack. Considering that her body is enduring stresses from the CHF and diabetic highs and lows, I don't know how well she would have pulled through it.

Two friends lost their dad just over a year ago from complications of diabetes. He was cavalier about managing the diabetes to the point that the kidneys were irrepairably damaged. This caused damage to other major organs and eventually, it was too much for his body to handle. He went on dialysis, then into the hospital in renal failure and had a stroke. It was a domino effect, one that's hard to stop once it starts.

I wonder if this is the wake up call to take better care of herself. I though the hospital stay a couple of months ago was it, but time has shown that it hasn't. What's it going to take? This time, she's dodged a major bullet. Knowing what I do about the issues at hand, those bullets don't kill her, but they do damage every time.

Soooo, if I ever come off as a nag to any of you reading this in checking on your health concerns, understand that it's because I want you around for a long time. Especially Ed's sister. No, this doesn't mean you should call us at 2:30 in the morning to report that you're fine, either!


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