The internet, in all its beauty...

Gotta love the internet. If not for its invention, we wouldn't google previous classmates and find them on Zoominfo. We wouldn't go from Zoominfo to Indeed, which would have a listing for Ed's former employer in NY/Chicago and find that they have a facility in Tampa/St. Pete. Thank you, Marci, for popping into my head today-I wanted to see how things were in South Florida for you. On the other hand, I did find her Myspace page, though-she's as ascerbic as ever.

I think it's a pretty neat thing, that I've got friends spread out across the US and if it wasn't for the bandwidth, we would still be unknown to each other. I was all set to head up to Indiana to stay with one and meet with a few others, until the meeting was relocated to WDW for late July.

Yesterday, I had a phone conversation with another internet friend who's moved over to the realm of "IRL" friend. We IM constantly about her issues with her teenage son. She's a good person who is just trying to be a good mom, and the boy is running away with every inch she's given.

The reason for all the internet/IRL friends was a chance meeting with two ladies that frequented a BB that a coworker and I also were members. We were invited to their little section of the 'net. Four years later and I'm still there, one of those ladies disappeared into the black hole known as 'grad school' and the other keeps herself up to her neck in jobs and activities and pops into the group as time allows. I am grateful that they did show up that day, my life is so much richer for it.

Oh and guys? Understand that Ed and I are going to drag the boys to visit y'all someday for a cultural and gastronomical tour of the US. Just let me google some more...


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