Broken? Bruised? You decide

So, after Sunday's unexpected gift, I was strangely Zen all day at work Monday. Spilled coffee on myself and didn't flip out at the loss of some precious Indigo Indulgence with Almond. Redid some markdowns and had a sign holder fall over and smash me right on the bridge of my nose. Hard. Being that it's some flimsy metal, I wasn't too concerned. I just wanted to make sure my nose wasn't bleeding.

It's got a lovely indentation, though. You can actually fit the blasted sign holder in that indentation, but I won't let you! Anyway, I thought all was well. Yesterday morning, I woke up to find dried blood caked in one nostril. Not a lot, but enough to give me pause.

Ed inspected and said the nose is broken. Whaaaaa? I didn't hear any crack or other impending sign of doom coming from the nose. It's not like I can do anything about it anyway, a broken nose is like a broken toe-tape it and ignore it.

However, since then, I've had to blow my nose a lot, and some of those tissues have not been pleasant. Hmmmm, maybe he's right. Even if he is, I don't think it warrants a visit to the doctor. I just have to remember that it hurts when I laugh...


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