3:45, that must mean

that I am still trying to get to sleep.

The leg is getting better, but my sleep is still out of whack from the RSD flare of Wednesday night.

The removal of that top layer helped tremendously. I later found out that this layer really isn't neccessary, so I will keep that in mind when I put on dressings myself.

Sunday afternoon found us in Lakeland and at the inlaw's. The pool was just too inviting to pass up and I removed the two layers of the boot. Yet again, the wounds were noticeably smaller than they were on Wednesday. A bonus of not being bound by that top layer is that I didn't feel the need to scratch my skin down to the bone.

Then, the freedom from the Unna Boot meant one thing: SWIMMING!!!! 74 degree salt water, what could be better? We spent about an hour and a half in the pool, younger son perfected his cannonball skills and the water worked its magic. It'd be nice if the pool fairy would plop one of these things in my backyard, because it just feels so good to spend time in the water.

I was bad and skipped putting a boot on right away, figuring that I'd do it in the morning. Unfortunately, sleep didn't happen until 4am, I slept until 11am and barely left myself enough time to get ready for work. Then Ed suggested I wear the really expensive shoes to work. Wanna know something? Really expensive shoes can be very comfortable, when they fit right!!

Nurse D happened to pop into my store tonight after her workout at the nearby gym. She wanted to see how I was doing, which was rather nice.

I had a follow up call with Nurse M on Friday. I got the sense that Nurse M was ticked at me, because I was throwing 2 vicodins at the RSD pain every 6 hours and that wasn't working. I've NEVER had anything stronger than Vicodin or Percoset/Darvocet, nor had I taken anything like this for more than a week before. She'd asked what else I'd taken for pain (nothing) and thus began a conversation about seeking alternatives.

We talked about what Dr. K advised regarding the RSD. Some other options were bandied about, but the upshot is that she really feels I should have the nerve block. I got off the phone, sensing her frustration. Given time to think about it, I realize that maybe she wasn't frustrated so much with me, but with my situation/allergies/slow healing. It sucks to be the medical practitioner treating the 2 percenter!

In that regard, I suppose I should bite the bullet and schedule the nerve block. I have to get over my hatred of general anethesia. At least I know some better coping strategies for it now, namely large consumption of water post procedure. My throat will hurt and food will taste like crap for the week, nor will I have an appetite to speak of for roughly that amount of time, either. Oh joy.

On the plus side, if it works, it'll give me 3 months or so of less pain. Guess that's better than being up til 4am from the flares and their aftermath.


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